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The Red Pepper House

Bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, under the sun of Africa and in full nature, you will find only 5 Nyumbas (houses) The Red Pepper House, a place where you can live a unique experience. A journey back in time, surrounded by the luxury and adventure of a millenary culture and colonial times. Declared a World Heritage Site, Lamu is a rare jewel of hundreds of years perfectly preserved by its isolation. Located within an archipelago on the coast of Kenya. Lamu is the place where the ancient Swahili culture is best preserved and where the history, charm and fascinating natural scenery of this land of adventure coexist.

The Swahili Experience.

A unique architecture, between the forest and the beach.

Between a paradisiac beach and a primary forest is situated The Red Pepper House, with an ARCHITECTURE CONSIDERED AS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF AFRICA, with only 5 Nyumbas (houses), all overlooking the sea.

An unforgettable day, a day in Lamu.

One of the best things to do at The Red Pepper House is to do nothing … relax and let time pass, watch the sun rise, enjoy our breakfast, eat or dine, bathe, walk in the woods, listen To the birds, to listen to music, to watch the sunset having a drink, to enjoy the incomparable stars and moon of Lamu, or, to chat in the «circle». But if you want more activity, we will offer you many ideas or visits accompanied by our guide when you need it so you do not miss anything.

The great end of the day, the sunsets.

A wonderful evening in magical places, watching the wonderful colors of Lamu’s sunset, while listening to the sounds of Africa.

Enjoy authentic Swahili hospitality.

The Red Pepper House is dedicated to being a really special place, where to live a unique experience, with an exquisite and friendly treatment, where to enjoy, to relax, to live its light, its moon, its stars, its sunset, its sounds …. And all the unique and wonderful moments of The Red Pepper House.

Unique experience, sailing in Dhow.

Enjoy the beauty of this Arab-influenced sailboat, used for hundreds of years on the Swahili coast by merchants and adventurers.

Magical nights.

Can you imagine a romantic dinner in the light of the candles and candles in the privacy of your private Boma, in the pool, in the forest or on the beach? We will be happy to prepare you and you will have a private waiter to offer your own attentive service Of the sultans of the time of splendor of Lamu. Let us know in advance to choose the menu or barbecue, you can dine with the sounds of the forest and the sea, a sky full of millions of bright stars and the famous moon of Lamu.

We would love to have you here

We do our best to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Services we offer

Facilities, services and activities.


Immerse yourself in the Swahili culture, meet Lamu, Shela, your handicrafts, the ruins of Takwa and in November the cultural festival.


Gastronomy, relaxation, cultural performances, bird watching and henna tattoos.


Enjoy the traditional dhow experience and discover Lamu by browsing through his archipelago.


At dusk, in wonderful places, you will see the immense beauty of the sunset Accompanied by the sounds of Lamu.


Enjoy deserted beaches and eat the day’s barbeque fishing.


Private dinners, in your boma, with full moon, on the beach, in the forest, in the pool, The magical nights of Lamu.


Connect or disconnect from the world, you decide.


You can enjoy a refreshing bath watching the forest accompanied by its wonderful Sound or relax while having a drink.


Relax and enjoy yourself as a Sultan.

We want you to enjoy it!

My favourite stay in Africa! Such great energy. I´ve been so happy here that i´m definitely coming back.
Christina Erb.
Such a magical experience. From the moment we arrived the hospitality has been wonderful, with everyone providing small personal touches that realy made a difference. The attention to the dining experience and the food itself was outstanding.
Glen Johnson, Dubai.
Many thanks to Morgan and the amazing Red Pepper team. The food was delicious, the wine plntiful and the hospitality overwhelming. I look forward to coming back soon. Look out for more canadian guests because I will be recommending with pleasure.
Asante Sana.
Susan Webb.
Red Pepper House provides the most unique, comfortable and special base to see the best of Lamu. Thanks to The Red Pepper House and his great team we’ve had an unforgettable time and so look forward to coming back and sharing our discovery that it is here with our friends. Asante Sana.
Nicky y Tim.
Many thanks to all the staff at Red Pepper House for such a special stay. What a unique and wonderful experience with delicious food and excellent service. I felt very much at home and do not want to leave at all with thanks.
WOW! These five days have been the perfect end to our honeymoon. We can´t wait to come back.
Rod & Kristina Barlow.

Our awards

An architectural design that will change the world.

Young Architects in Africa

Winner of the Young Architects in Africa awards, chosen among 194 projects from 26 African countries.

Architectural Association of Kenya

Named the best hotel design in Kenya, by the jury of the AAK Excellence Awards.

International Property Awards Africa 2012

Best Residential Building in Africa at Property Awards Africa 2012.

Building of the Year Archdaily awards 2014.

Finalist among the top five Building of the Year Archdaily awards 2014, selected among more than 3500 nominees.

Gold List

Kiwi Coleccion

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World Travel Awards

Nominado a mejor beach resort en Kenya 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.